Planting has started!

Warmer and drier weather has allowed us to get started this week.

Started Corn and Beans on 4/25

Going to the field with striptill warmer

Kylie, Tyler & Spencer helping Aaron sort seed for plots

Finished spraying roadsides before planting

Can you find Jadan working on farm truck?

Farm Truck completed

Farm truck ready

Loading seed in tender

First round of the striptill warmer

Corn planter at Gingerich Farms

Corn planter

Dannie checking ground conditions

Cultivator at Gingerich Farms

Working ground before bean planter

Bean Planter at Gingerich Farms

Bean Planter

Corn Plot at Gingerich Farms

Planting Corn Plot

Spraying at Gingerich Farms

Spraying has also started

Filling sprayer at Gingerich Farms

Filling sprayer

Strip till warmer at Gingerich Farms

Strip till warmer