Farm Progress Show is in Decatur, Aug. 29 – 31.

We welcome Farm Progress Show Visitors to our farm – located on Highway 133 between Arthur and Lovington.


Gingerich Farms Update:

  • Working on roadside edges
  • Walking a few bean fields
  • General maintenance
  • Harvest equipment is almost ready
Eclipse watching at Gingerich Farms

Ed, Dannie, Aaron, Doug, & Avery looking at the eclipse

Ed cleaning at Gingerich Farms

Ed cleaning outside of office

Farm visit with Ken Ferrie -Gingerich Farms

Austin, Ethan, Seth, Wilbur, Ken & Gene

Working on shed door at Gingerich Farms

Ethan, Wilbur, Doug & Seth working on shed door

corn at Gingerich Farms

8/24 – corn

working on corn head at Gingerich Farms

Ethan & Jadan adding Yetter Stalk Devastators to corn heads

Calibrating bean combine at Gingerich Farms

Tyler & Brandon calibrating bean combine

Calibrating corn combine at Gingerich Farms

Tyler & Brandon calibrating corn combine