Employee Appreciation - Gingerich Farms

Employee Appreciation Dinner

Food at dinner - Gingerich Farms

A spread of good food!

Katrina honored - Gingerich Farms

Katrina speaking at her retirement celebration

Loading truck - Gingerich Farms

Loading truck from corn bag

Auger camera - Gingerich Farms

Filling up to just the right amount

Full truck - Gingerich Farms

Full truck…headed to elevator

Tiling - Gingerich Farms

Spencer & Tyler helping tile

Combine repairs - Gingerich Farms

Combine repairs

Recent Farm News

June 2022

The month of June found us hot and dry. We finished side dressing, cut the wheat, tested our new strip-till bar, planted double crop beans, and started mowing roadsides. Also made a few additions to the dryer site. and started...