2/1/2022 – 3/31/2022 Random Photos

7810 Getting Some Attention (Before)

7810 Getting Some Attention (During)

7810 Getting Some Attention (Finished Product)

Wilbur, Ben, and Ethan changing roller on shop doors while Dannie services the backhoe

Whole Crew rehanging 1st door after changing rollers

Rehanging 2nd door

Sometimes when tiling, 1 tractor just isn’t enough

Working late to beat the rain

Sometimes it is more efficient and comfortable to haul equipment

Working to finish the planter rebuild

Almost ready for testing

Ready to test the planter

Loading Seed

Wilbur using the app to test row units

Running seed

New dryer pad prep

Digging dryer pad

Placing rebar

Setting forms

First 2 Loads of concrete

Supervisor Elva and his driver Dannie talking to Wilbur

More concrete

Finished product