Rain at the beginning of week. Fortunate to only get 1.55″ as other areas received over 4″.

By end of the week, summer like temperatures.

Rainy at GC -Gingerich Farms

Rainy Tuesday

Mower repairs - Gingerich Farms

Ben making repairs to mower

Changing sprayer tires - Gingerich Farms

Jeffery, Mitch & Ethan changing tires on sprayer

Jadan working in shop - Gingerich Farms

Jadan working in the shop

Changing tires on tractor - Gingerich Farms

Changing tires on tractor to get ready for sidedressing

JD sidedress tractor - Gingerich Farms

One sidedress bar & tractor ready

John Deere mower - Gingerich Farms

Ben working & Austin supervising

Washing John Deere planter - Gingerich Farms

Tyler washing planter

Washing John Deere striptill - Gingerich Farms

Ethan washing striptill

Returning seed boxes - Gingerich Farms

Austin loading truck with empty seed boxes

Cleaning field cultivator - Gingerich Farms

Rylan cleaning field cultivator

Changing tires on John Deere tractor - Gingerich Farms

Jadan & Ben changing tires on 2nd tractor to get ready to sidedress

John Deere tractor sidedress - Gingerich Farms

Tractor is ready

Water line - Gingerich Farms

Austin repairing water line

Concrete project - Gingerich Farms

New concrete project – Wilbur doing dirt work 

Beans - Gingerich Farms


Bean & corn plant - Gingerich Farms

Bean & Corn plant

Corn field - Gingerich Farms

Every kernel came up




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