In observance of Memorial Day, the office will be closed Monday, May 31.

Planting is completed.

Sidedressing corn has began.

Flag at Grain Center - Gingerich Farms

Remembering & honoring all who served this country & lost their life for our freedom.

Sidedressing - Gingerich Farms


Sidedressing - Gingerich Farms


Concreting around GC - Gingerich Farms

Wilbur, Aaron & Rylan getting ready to concrete

Supervising - Gingerich Farms

Spencer & Tyler supervising

Concreting around GC - Gingerich Farms

Pouring concrete

concrete setting up - Gingerich Farms

Spencer & Tyler waiting for it to set up

Spraying - Gingerich Farms


Sidedress - Gingerich Farms

Sidedressing in a sea of green

Auger - Gingerich Farms

Jadan, Tyler & Ben discussing how to fix the auger

Pouring concrete entry GC - Gingerich Farms

Ben, Tyson, Jadan, Wilbur & Doug pouring concrete to entry of Grain Center

Leveling concrete - Gingerich Farms

Ben, Tyson, Jadan & Wilbur leveling concrete

GC entry before & after - Gingerich Farms

Grain Center entry before & after

Sidedressing - Gingerich Farms


Loading sidedress bar - Gingerich Farms

Loading sidedress bar

Sidedressing - Gingerich Farms


End of day sidedressing - Gingerich Farms

Sidedress sunset

2 Sidedress bars at night - Gingerich Farms

2 sidedress bars running at night

Fuel trailer - Gingerich Farms

Ben working on fuel trailer

GC rain clouds - Gingerich Farms

Rain approaching – received 1.2″  at the Grain Center



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