Fungicide Spraying continued this week.

Bean Fungicide - Gingerich Farms

Bean Fungicide

Bean Fungicide - Gingerich Farms

Ben explaining to Austin what he saw in the field over there

Test bean fungicide - Gingerich Farms

Austin marking the start of sugar test

End of test - Gingerich Farms

Marking the end of test

Bean fungicide

Bean Fungicide

Filling up - Gingerich Farms

Ben & Joe filling up sprayer

Bean fungicide - Gingerich Farms

Bean Fungicide

Bean plant - Gingerich Farms

Bean pods

Corn fungicide - Gingerich Farms

Corn Fungicide

Corn Fungicide - Gingerich Farms

View from the corn sprayer

Trimming - Gingerich Farms

Ethan & Rylan – trimming & spraying roadsides

Harvest sweet corn - Gingerich Farms

Sweet corn harvest – Charity, Kylie, Austin, Dannie, Austin, Aaron & Jadan

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