Signs of harvest approaching

Cleaning bin - Gingerich Farms

Katie & Ben – cleaning another bin

Auger cart - Gingerich Farms

Testing auger cart spacing over truck

Combine & Auger cart- Gingerich Farms

Syncing auger cart to combine

Ear of corn - Gingerich Farms

Corn filling out the ear

Sprayer cleaned - Gingerich Farms

How is this going to work to get it washed?

Sprayer cleaned - Gingerich Farms

I will just bring the water to the sprayer.

Changing tires on sprayer - Gingerich Farms

Putting wider tires back on sprayer

Terra Gator-Gingerich Farms

Out with the old & in with the newer fertilizer spreader

Mowing - Gingerich Farms

Tyler G. & Spencer G. mowing – while Dad supervises


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