Signs of harvest approaching.

Grain Bag - Gingerich Farms

Seth unloading grain bags

Emptying bin - Gingerich Farms

Emptying bean bin

Cleaning corn bin - Gingierch Farms

Ethan & Ben knocking on bin to get corn off wall to clean bin

Auger carts - Gingerich Farms

Auger carts ready for harvest

Fertilizer spreader - Gingerich Farms

Jadan doing some final preparations on fertilizer spreader

Cleaning sprayer - Gingerich Farms

Katie cleaning equipment

Grain Center - Gingerich Farms

Ethan working on Grain Center harvest preparations

Kylie turned 13 - Gingerich Farms

Kylie turned 13 years old! Happy Birthday!

Lunch - Gingerich Farms

Dannie’s Birthday Lunch

Dannie blowing out candles - Gingerich Farms

Gene helping Dannie light his candles.

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