Farm Progress - Gingerich Farms

The guys were able to attend Farm Progress Show.

Moisture tester - Gingerich Farms

Sign harvest is soon – moisture tester is in the office & harvest board is up

Corn - Gingerich Farms

Corn – ears are going down

Beans - Gingerich Farms

Beans are changing

Clean Grain center - Gingerich Farms

Wilbur has the pit nice and clean – ready for harvest

Leg liner - Gingerich Farms

Working on putting liner in leg

Top of leg - Gingerich Farms

Ethan waiting on a liner piece

Leg liner - Gingerich Farms

Austin cutting piece of liner

Recent Farm News

June 2022

The month of June found us hot and dry. We finished side dressing, cut the wheat, tested our new strip-till bar, planted double crop beans, and started mowing roadsides. Also made a few additions to the dryer site. and started...